Software development is an engineering discipline

I don't usually post to write thoughts but very objective and technical things however this time is kind of an exception.

On O'reilly Software Architecture - Glenn Vanderburg of LivingSocial on why software development is an engineering discipline.

I couldn't agree more.
Maths don't define an engineering, they are there to economically aid or demonstrate a particular hypothesis. They were introduced after the engineering itself. In Software development it is (economically and timely speaking) cheap to build the product so demonstrating things with maths is not really a must

Software engineering is pragmatic and iterative as many other engineering science. However it is immature.

This cartoon and what follows right after it is what I think is the best moment in the session.

Why is this so funny? It is funny because it is absurd. No body will ever do that.

Why is this so funny? It is funny because it is absurd - No body will ever do that.

Yeah, software developers will never do that ...