Installing ARToolKit with VRML support in Windows (VS 2005) was such a pain in the ... !!!
But I think I finally got it correct.
I followed instructions from here
and Instructions in Japanese can be found here:
知り合いは 自分のブログで翻訳してくれたので 日本語がいいと思う方はこちら http://ameblo.jp/hidelab/entry-10154213023.html

And If you don't want to do all this tedious thing you just can download my project.
(I did exactly as the above link.)
Download from rapid share (MD5: 55FDF958B36BE124490068F99CED3EAB)

I don't know if this is going to work in Visual Studio 2008 but At least here we have much better chances than then VS2003 project